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Bring A FREE Sunday Night Code Blue Rally To Your Community This Fall

List of Current Code Blue Rallies
Featured Speakers: Mark Cahill, Candace Cameron Bure' and Brannon Howse

What Does It Take To Host A FREE Code Blue Rally

Worldview Weekend is now booking dates for a series of Code Blue Rallies to be hosted on Sunday nights this fall. Below is an article that reveals why your community should sponsor a Code Blue Rally. But first, let us give you the requirements for hosting a Sunday night Code Blue Rally:
  1. Two or more churches or a church and community Christian school need to serve as the sponsors.
  2. An auditorium that seats no less than one thousand attendees with an individual to run sound. We also need a screen and video project for Power-Point. 
  3. Place our Code Blue speakers in two or three churches on Sunday morning to speak in the main service. Our speakers don't need the entire service but we highly recommend that Mark Cahill speak for the entire service in one church. Recently after Mark Cahill spoke at a Sunday morning service, the host church announced that Mark would return for a special presentation that night. Even though this particular church does not normally offer a Sunday evening service, more than 1,000 congregation members and guests showed up to hear Mark again. This is crucial because until the church members hear the speakers, they don't' really have any interest in attending the FREE Code Blue Rally on Sunday night. 
  4. The Code Blue Rally is held between 5:00pm-8:30pm and we need the church to arrange child-care for the smaller children. 
  5. The sponsoring churches need to make sure there are no other events on the calendar for this evening. 
  6. While the event is free to the public, we do take a free-will offering to offset the costs of our speakers flight, hotel, car rental and honorarium. 
  7. We will provide you with a pdf of full-color bulletin inserts and posters that promote the Code Blue Rally. The sponsors must agree to begin promoting this event no less than two months in advance. This is imperative!

Why Host A Free Code Blue Rally?                      

The church in America is in critical condition. Christian adults and young people alike embody worldviews that are no different from those outside the church. Jesus' warning in Revelation 3:16 should be ringing in our collective ears: "So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to vomit you out of my mouth" (HCSB). Separation from Christ means spiritual death follows quickly. For that reason, Worldview Weekend has declared CODE BLUE for America's church. Urgent action is vital, or the vibrant Christian faith we all should be sharing will soon be dead. 
Worldview Weekend is commented to a four prong strategy for its Code Blue Campaign: 1). Teach Christians to contend for the faith through apologetics training. 2). Teach Christian to think like Biblically minded Christians through worldview training. 3). Teach Christians to evangelize like Jesus did using the Moral Law 4). Challenge Christians to make sure they are true converts by examining their lives in light of the Biblical hallmarks of a Christian. These hallmarks can be found in the book of I John. 

Studies Show the Real Us

Researchers of the problem continue to come up with increasingly grave statistics that explain how serious the condition is. Among Christian adults:
  • 64% believe moral truth depends on the situation;• 60% believe male/female co-habitation outside of marriage is acceptable;• 55% believe a good person can earn his or her salvation;• 44% believe Jesus Christ committed sins while on earth.[1]
  • And consider the peril of college students: 
  • 67% of college professors approve of homosexuality;
  • 84% of professors approve of abortion;• 65% embrace socialist and communist ideals;[2]• 88% of students from "Christian" homes deny their faith before they graduate from college; • 91% of students from evangelical churches do not believe in absolute moral truth.[3]
Recognizing the life-and-death nature of the issue, the Southern Baptist Convention, to its credit, has even done a self-study and found that 88% of young people from SBC homes deny their faith before they graduate from college. 
Unfortunately, even many Christian parents are more concerned about good grades that hold down the price of car insurance than about the spiritual price their student will pay in life because home has not taught them a solid Christian worldview. Parents too often neglect the scriptural commands to train their children in Biblical principles (see Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:6-7, 32:46; Psalms 78:3-8; II Timothy 2:2; Judges 2:7-14). 

Students Want Worldview Training

Unlike many church programs that fractionalize membership by age groups, Worldview Weekends have always been oriented toward Christians of all ages, and the approach has struck an especially strong chord among youth. Not long ago, a Worldview Weekend article noted that churches too often sell short young people by dumbing down youth programs, focusing almost exclusively on nothing but fun and games. A teen-age reader of the article responded this way: 
All I can say is AMEN !!! I'm a 17 year-old and am so saddened that adults somehow think that they always have to entertain and attract us to youth group. Adults HAVE NO IDEA that half of the kids in their youth groups ARE serious about God but don't ever go deeper because they are still being spoon-fed along with the half that doesn't care!!!! Herein lies the problem; half the teens are so ready to go deeper and grow in their faith but the adults are only teaching us about the complete basics. If adults want teens to grow spiritually then give us something to grow off of. Stop assuming that we don't care. Give us the teaching we crave and the half of us who care will become warriors for God and the half of us who don't care will leave. 

Intensive Care Needed

Is there a cure that can save Christianity in America? Yes, there most certainly is. And at the risk of sounding self-serving, Worldview Weekend has the statistics to prove what it is:
  • 83% of adults and students that have attended a Worldview Weekend score as "Solid Biblical Worldview Thinkers."
I'm not suggesting that Worldview Weekends alone are the ultimate solution. What the 83% number shows in contrast to the previous statistics is that when people are taught clearly what the Christian worldview is all about-regardless of where they learn it-it preserves Christian life. 

"Time Expired" for Things that Matter Most

Most of America's Christian families find plenty of time for football practice, baseball practice, soccer practice and their associated games; for cheerleading, gymnastics, music lessons; time with friends, movies, hunting; hours and hours for television; leisure to spend on concerts, evenings out to dinner, professional sporting events; yadda, yadda, yadda. But when it comes to Biblical worldview training, the calendar is too full and interest is minimal, to say the least. How upside down are those priorities? 
At this point, I'm supposed to say, "Well, of course those activities are fine and can be a legitimate part of a godly upbringing as long as they are kept in the proper perspective." But I refuse. I won't relent on this point because these activities are virtually never kept in the right perspective with respect to our families' deeper needs to be nurtured in faith that will bring them victory for all eternity-not just at a Friday night ball game. All the "good" things, to borrow a cliché, consume and overwhelm the best things. 
Many parents have forgotten or don't even know the many Biblical commandments to train their children in Biblical principles. Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:6-7, 32:46, Psalms 78:3-8, II Timothy 2:2, Judges 2:7-14. 

Poor Values from Those Who Should Know Better

Sadly, this attitude all too often trickles down from "the top." What is important to church members is often what they've seen is important to the pastor. And what is important to parents is generally important to their children. 
Consider your friendly neighborhood church youth group, and you'll get a clear picture of where the crisis is in full swing. In very few of our youth or Sunday School programs do teens learn the Biblical worldview for the question of origins (critically needed to confront teachings in every public school in America), much less how we know the Bible is true, that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, why we know Jesus is God, or the defense of any other foundational Christian doctrine. 
To show you how culpable church leaders can be: A pastor at a church that hosted a Worldview Weekend conference informed one of his staff that the youth "would not be interested" in attending a Worldview Weekend even if it was held at their church. Needless to say, the youth of this church were not present. By contrast, at our annual Minnesota Worldview Weekend, we have 600-800 students each year, many of whom are alumni that have attended three or four previous Worldview Weekends. That's right: of 1,400-1,800 in attendance 600-800 are always students.
Worldview Weekend does not boast the latest rock band or offer all the pizza they can eat, yet students show up with Bibles and notebooks in hand. At our question-and answer sessions, students line up at the microphone. (Sounds like they're interested in worldview to me, pastor.)

The Storm Before the Bigger Storm

Every week, shell-shocked parents contact Worldview Weekend wanting to know what they can do to get co-ed Johnny or Susie back on the "Christian" track once they've left for college. While we try to help where we can, I wonder why these parents were so clueless when it came to Christian worldview training prior to college. They're beginning to taste the bitter fruit of having spent money, miles, and countless minutes on sports and entertainment-very trivial pursuits in light of seeing a children or grandchildren setting their hearts against the things of the Lord as they grow up. 
While it may be hard to believe the statistics could get much worse, the reality is, they probably will. Why? Because today's agnostics and atheists not only justify their worldview from positions of power, but have become aggressive in doing all they can to recruit converts. Their success is already frightening. Proselytes are growing to the point that several books promoting atheism have hit best-seller lists. 
Kerby Anderson, in a Christian Worldview Network article titled "The New Atheists," warns: 
Many of these authors have books on the New York Times bestseller list. Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris is one of those books in the top ten. He goes beyond the traditional argument that suffering in the world proves there is no God. He argues that belief in God actually causes suffering in the world. He says, "That so much of this suffering can be directly attributed to religion-to religious hatreds, religious wars, religious delusions and religious diversions of scarce resources-is what makes atheism a moral and intellectual necessity." He argues that unless we renounce religious faith, religious violence will soon bring civilization to an end.
Response to his book has been glowing. One reader found the book to be "a wonderful source of ammunition for those who, like me, hold to no religious doctrine." Others enjoyed the pounding he gives Christianity. For them it "was like sitting ring side, cheering the champion, yelling 'Yes!' at every jab."[4]
Anderson also explains the covert and sinister role The Humanist Manifesto 2000 now plays in our culture. It offers hedonism and the pursuit of all kinds of pleasure as a bona fide doctrine of life which Andersos points out is now the de facto moral code in public schools:
The classrooms have also become a battleground for sexual politics. Sex education classes teach students how to practice so-called safe sex while often neglecting to teach the physical, emotional, and moral consequences of premarital sex. Impressionable students learn about gay and lesbian sex at a very young age. And "families" of every shape and configuration are presented as natural and normal.[5]
Where do most Christian students get their perspective on history and sociology or learn about the question of origins? The frightening reality is that most take in the steady diet of Secular Humanism served up in our public schools. And in college, it only gets worse.  Worldview Weekend speaker Kerby Anderson puts it this way:
When a student enrolls in Philosophy 101, it could just as easily be called Atheism 101. A class in Sociology 101, should really be called Postmodernism 101.  A class on Religion 101, is really a class that should be called Religious Pluralism 101. And a class in Biology 101, would more accurately be called Evolution 101.
It's little wonder that more than three out of four young people from Christian homes deny their faith before graduating from college. Parents must prepare their children to counter the lies of Secular Humanism, the New Age Movement, and bizarre forms of mysticism finding their way into our churches. 
And that's just K-12. It gets worse.

Losing It in College

David Wheaton is a Worldview Weekend Speaker and author of the best-selling book, Surviving the University of Destruction. David was raised in a Christian home and made it all the way to Wimbledon as one of the world's top tennis players, but in University of Destruction he reveals just how inadequate his upbringing was in preparing him for the worldview war he entered as a college student: 
My duffel bags had barely touched the dorm room floor when two tennis teammates-to-be barged through the door with pitchers of beer in hand. It may have been the middle of the afternoon, but the party had already started. Girls and guys roamed the co-ed dorm, checking out their new surroundings. Classes started the next day, and I kid you not, I had neither pen nor paper. The first assignment in Great Works of Western Culture, a required freshman class, was to read the books of Genesis and Job. "Easy enough," I thought, since I came from a Christian background and was familiar with the Bible. Imagine my disbelief when the professor and other students ridiculed the Bible and mocked God for the "stupid" way He dealt with mankind. I had never heard ""God" and "stupid" in the same sentence before! I was so stunned; I didn't know what to say. 
The night life was just as shocking. It was as if all moral restraint had been lifted from the campus. Drunkenness and sexual activity were seemingly everywhere. The overall scene brought to mind images of wanton sailors coming ashore at a foreign port of call. Surely this wasn't Stanford-it was Sodom! 
Why was I so surprised by my introduction to college? After all, I had heard what college was like. I had already seen and experienced a taste of campus life on college recruiting visits. I was no potted plant-I had been out of my own backyard plenty of times. 
But this was different…way different. I was now living full-time in the midst of a world diametrically opposed to the one I had grown up in-there would be no returning home to Mommy and Daddy every night. I would soon find out that an excellent upbringing coupled with academic and athletic success was no match for the maelstrom called college. The waters were baited, the sharks were circling…spiritual shipwreck loomed.[6] 

Worldview Weekend Declares Nationwide CODE BLUE

Today, David joins us around the country proclaiming CODE BLUE and equipping parents and students with tools to follow the Biblical mandate to contend for the truths of Christianity. Our Worldview Weekend team hears from students over and over that their church and parents do not comprehend the gravity of their state of affairs nor the worldviews that are competing for their hearts and minds. Most Christian adults cannot answer their worldview questions. 
Recently, I was speaking at one of the nation's most well-respected, conservative seminaries. Out of 26 seminary students, only two had heard of the Emerging Church and only two could define postmodernism. Yet postmodernism is the most virulent philosophical poison washing over our young people today, and the Emerging Church is possibly the most dangerous movement ever to seduce evangelical churches. 
After fielding questions and e-mails from thousands of students, I can tell you they are eager for worldview training. In fact, they're dying for it (pun intended). What they cannot figure out is why you are not interested and why you think they would not be interested. They even wonder why you don't make them go through worldview training regardless of whether they say they want to or not. After all, your kids were not interested in eating their vegetables, but you made them. They didn't want to sit in a car seat or wear a seat belt, but you insisted. They balked at having to check in with you and tell where they were going with their friends, but you required it. You were resolute in making sure they were physically nurtured and protected, but they think you've thrown them to the wolves spiritually.
Most students say they did not learn enough Bible content growing up to enable them to make biblical life decisions, let alone defend essential Christian doctrines in the face of vicious opposition. That is because no one made them. Hence, CODE BLUE is upon us. Many of the 88% that are denying their faith before they graduate from college never return because they were never truly saved; they are false converts. 
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