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Conference Testimonials

Worldview Weekend Foundation is pleased to be a sponsor of the Worldview Weekend Rally. Here are just a few of the e-mails that have been received that reveal the incredible impact these free, one night, Biblical worldview events are having on individuals, families and churches. 

I want to sincerely thank you for your willingness to bring such a timely, vital message to the Dayton area-especially at no cost. You and your colleagues easily could have charged a hefty entrance fee, but I thank you for caring more about others' lives than making money. 

The words from last night's seminar keep ringing in my ears, and I knew I had to get up and send you this testimony before we head off to church this morning. Thank you, thank you for sticking your own neck out to deliver truth. 

Amy H.
Hey just wanted to drop you a note. We had an incredible time this weekend. My wife and I have been youth pastors for about 11 years in the Assemblies of God. This worldview stuff is pretty new to us and when I saw a conference 4 hours away I knew a had to clear a spot on our calendar. 

I was an emerging relevant postmodern purpose driven self help minister. I believed numbers = success and so did everyone else. " When you shared that testimony about that pastor failing the worldview test, my wife looked at me thinking that I emailed you because that was basically what I went though. 

The bigger testimony is that now our church has changed in a major way from being the place to be entertained to the place to be trained. Imagine that ...a place to train believers. We are big into inductive study for all ages and the big youth group is a thing of the past. There are only a few people that would see this as a testimony and I new you would be one of them. 

Pastor Ray B.
WOW! I am SO glad that I came to the rally [in Greenwood, Indiana] last evening! Your speaking convicted me of my laziness in rightly dividing the Word of truth, in understanding what I so often take for granted. 

Joy I
Mr. Howse, thank you so much for this past weekend. It really woke me up about the unbelievable new spiritual movement that is endangering the church. I will pray for you because this task is not easy. 

Randy H
We went to our first Worldview Weekend Rally in Birmingham, Alabama last Nov 2007. That was the beginning of major growth for my husband, daughter and me. My husband teaches a Sunday school class called "Biblical Worldview". We are planning on coming to the Worldview Weekend Rally [in Montgomery, Alabama]. We are going to try and get many people from our church and other friends to go. 

Rebecca G.
Thank you so much for bringing the rally to Portage, Wisconsin. I just wanted to touch base and let you know about the feed back we have received. I have heard many people say that this rally was just what they needed, you spoke truth and they were blessed by what was said. I had one mother come to me in tears and say that her grown son had come to hear Todd Friel at our church that Sunday morning and she felt that Todd's message was an answer to prayer in her son's life. 

Kim K.
My family and I just returned from the Memphis, Worldview Weekend Rally…my teenage daughter went in with an attitude that she would absolutely not enjoy it. By the break she apologized to me and told me how glad she was that I'd brought the family." 

I first attend a Worldview Weekend in Rockford, Illinois. I greatly appreciated the whole weekend, and grateful that God has given you the vision to host these events. Several weeks ago, we attended the Worldview Weekend Rally in Rockford. This time, I brought my parents along. I appreciate your enthusiasm in hosting these events and the way you seem to do it with your family. I am grateful for the way you stay about the sub-doctrinal "point-scoring". I am grateful for your strong stand promoting the need for the Word of God and for sound doctrine that is foundation for life, and for your desire to spread hope, and not just gloomy reports of all that is bad with the world. 

Russ B
I wanted to add my voice to those who write to encourage you. You can not take the Biblical, Christ-centered, truth-filled stance you so obviously adhere to without numerous attacks- so I wanted to let you know that you have helped yet another believer to "stand firm." Please, be encouraged, you, your voice, and your ministry are desperately needed in our "hard world" and we are listening. 

Trish J.
I just attended the Worldview Weekend Rally in Jenks, Oklahoma. It was fantastic. 

Liz E
I attended the Worldview Weekend Rally in Tulsa last month. I did not know what to expect. I was extremely impressed with the rally. 

Gary E.
Just wanted to tell you thanks for putting on the Worldview Weekend conferences. My wife and I have been to the last two you have held in Kansas. Both have been excellent. We were able to bring my brother-in-law and his wife to the one by Topeka. I believe your message is important and you have a great way of getting the message across. Keep up the good work! 

Lee S.