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What a privilege it was to be a part of the first Christian Worldview Weekend Instructor training class in April of 2008. The class was one of the first training events that I have ever attended in my 54 years, that actually met and even exceeded my hopes and expectations. In observing the reactions of my fellow classmates, from states all across the US, I am confident that they appreciated your presentations and instructions as much as I did.

The training class was conducted in a very professional manner. The materials for the class were first rate, and lectures came across as well thought out and very timely. It was obvious that our Lord is blessing you and your ministry.

A simple thank you seems so inadequate. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to protect and bless you, your family, and your ministry as you work to serve him.

Thank you so very much. Your brother in Christ,

Dan P. (April 2009 Class)

I have studied Godís principles for everyday life and civil government for many years. Never before have I seen such concise teaching so well organized and ready for me to immediately begin teaching. Brannonís worldview curriculum came complete with Power-Point slides, leaderís guide and student worksheets.

Sterling L. Ph.D. (April 2009 Class)

I learned things this weekend that completely blew my mind. Some things I knew, I just never connected them together. If you truly wish to make a difference this is a great way to start. Thank you so much for your commitment to Christ and love for his body.

Andrea, (April 2009 Class)

The Worldview Weekend Training Institute was an extraordinary course for seeing the world through a Biblical lens. The curriculum in which we were trained was concise yet thorough truth backed up by facts and supported by the Word of God. This training is a must for anyone who wants to understand the things that are going on in our fallen and falling world; how to open the eyes of others to teach them why and how to contend for the faith and bring others to the saving knowledge and hope that is in Jesus Christ.

Wade (April 2009 Class)

I did not come to the Worldview Weekend Training Institute with any expectations and was only there because my mother wanted me to travel with her. I had a very apathetic stance towards what is going on in our nation and world. After going though the training, I have found that a spark has been ignited in me towards my worldview. I now have strong feelings about learning the Biblical worldview and doing my part to help wake up other Christians and show them what is really happening in our nation. I learned more useful information and hard facts in this two day training that I did in four years of college. Every Christian, especially young adults, needs to go through this training.

Kayla (April 2009 Class)

Brannon did an incredible job of immersing us in the history and current events and trends that clarify the need for a Biblical worldview. Brannon sent us back to our cities with a greater burden and connection to make the most of the time in which we live by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Kevin (April 2009 Class)

The Worldview Weekend Training Institute was very enlightening to me! My husband and I attended the training and we are very excited about going home and teaching our church family and then eventually taking it to other churches. We believe Christians have an urgent need to have this information. Thank you Brannon, I learned so much.

Tami (April 2009 Class)

The Worldview Weekend Training Institute is a life changing experience. As a pastor, I feel that I keep up with what is taking place in our society. Brannonís teaching revealed to me how little I really know about the history of America and much of what Godís Word says about civil government. I left the training better equipped as a pastor and as a Christian citizen. I will never be the same. Thank you Brannon for the research and heart that you put into this ministry. If every Christian would hear this teaching, I believe that America would be impacted for the Glory of God.

Pastor Jason (April 2009 Class)

"The content presented to us during the weekend was invaluable. Taking into consideration the times in which we are living . . .this course is a must! Due to the biblical foundations of the course; the information covered is relevant for all generations. The Worldview Institute equips you with the tools to contend for the faith and disciple future generations." - Thanks again Brannon!

Steve N. (April 2009 Class)

I enjoyed your training in the Biblical Worldview training class! The information is quite profound and especially what you were saying that was not part of the syllabus. It was a success in my view. I'll be putting this to the test when I contact local area pastors. I hope to keep in touch with the worldview group. Take care and may God continue to bless your ministry!

Robert M. (April 2009 Class)

I plan to start teaching using the material I received at the training. The material alone is worth the cost of the weekend, but the impartation received from you and also the others attending is priceless.

Dr. Joseph (April 2009 Class)

We thoroughly enjoyed Brannon's 20 hour intensive Worldview Weekend training class. His easygoing style stands in stark contrast to the seriousness of the content, which truly helped us as we drank from the proverbial water hose of information provided. His knowledge of the topic is amazing; at the end of the second day, instead of being tired, we found ourselves hungry for more of this well-researched and documented curriculum. Why? Because all this class truly is is equipping and discipleship - what the church should be doing today, in this much detail, but on a much grander scale.

Brannon did an especially commendable job balancing his teaching on prophecy, escatology and their relationship to current events. He thoroughly documented and cross-referenced his facts while simultaneously making it clear that Scripture--and not his or anyone else's opinion--is our guide for what will happen in the future. We were also impressed with the level of detail of his research - very thorough and well-organized. He brings together a complete understanding of the Bible's teachings on law, economics, education, science, and so much more.

If we have any complaint, it's only that the class was too short. We suspect that as the word gets out, future classes will likely be much bigger with the growing hunger to understand both the sufficiency of the Word and the meaning of our times in proper Biblical context.

James and Kelli - Florida