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Brannon Howse

In 2005, Worldview Weekend was the first organization to produce the world's first interactive online worldview course featuring America's premiere worldview speakers and authors and now we are pleased to offer the Worldview Weekend Online Academy for students and adults.

Many families and individuals cannot afford the $650 to $1,000, plus transportation, for themself or their student to attend a worldview training camp. Worldview Weekend Online Academy makes Biblical worldview training affordable and flexible for everyone.

Worldview Weekend Online Academy features nearly 85 hours of Biblical training by America's premier Biblical worldview speakers for just $74.99. We also offer family and group rates.

Worldview Weekend Online Academy Speakers Include:

Ken Ham, Dr. David Noebel, Brannon Howse, Dr. Ron Carlson, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Kay Arthur, Dr. Norm Geisler, Dr. John Ankerberg, Ray Comfort, Rev. Justin Peters, David Limbaugh, Dr. Bob Cornuke, Star Parker, Mark Cahill, Rev. Jason Carlson, Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell, Usama Dakdok, Dr. Voddie Bauchman Jr., Candace Cameron Bure, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Dr. Woodrow Kroll, Randy Alcorn, Dr. Marshall Foster, Russel O' Quinn, Dr. David Reagan, John Loeffler, Chris Pinto, Dr. Michael Youssef, Kerby Anderson.

Who should enroll?

The Worldview Weekend Online Academy is for two groups of people. The first group includes high school and college students that want to obtain a solid Biblical worldview and be able to answer the skeptics and critics of Biblical Christianity. Christian students should not attend college without taking this course. Many families cannot afford the tuition and transportation expense to send their student to a worldview training camp that range in price from $650 to over $1,000, plus transportation. The Worldview Weekend Online Academy is not only affordable but Worldview Weekend is highly recommended and affirmed by some of the world's most respected Biblical authors, teachers, and pastors. The second group includes adults that want to take the course to increase their Biblical knowledge and understanding. We offer a family rate in hopes that parents and their student(s) will take the course together. We also offer group rates for Christian schools, home-school co-ops, and churches.

If you are interested in becoming a Biblical worldview instructor, we encourage you to take our Worldview Weekend instructor training. Upon completion of the Worldview Weekend Instructor Training Institute online course, you will be mailed our "Put Your Beliefs to the Test" curriculum complete with leader's notes, student worksheets, Power-point slides, and video clips. For complete details on the Worldview Weekend Instructor Training Institute visit this website:

Why Biblical Training is Important and Why the Church Needs More Biblical Worldview Instructors?

My friend and Worldview Weekend speaker Ken Ham has written a troubling yet inspiring book with Britt Beemer and Todd Hillard entitled Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It. Working with a professional pollster, Ham surveyed those who attend church every week or nearly every week in conservative congregations. Some highlights from the book will show the monumental reclamation job ahead of us. The researchers found that:
  1. A mass exodus is underway. Most youth of today will not be coming to church tomorrow. Nationwide polls and denominational reports are showing that the next generation is calling it quits on the traditional Church. And it's not just happening on the nominal fringe; it's happening at the core of the faith.
  2. Only 11 percent of those who have left the Church did so during the college years. Almost 90 percent of them were lost in middle school and high school. By the time they got to college they were already gone! About 40 percent are leaving the Church during elementary and middle school years!
  3. If you look around in your church today, two-thirds of those who are sitting among us have already left in their hearts. It will only take a couple years before their bodies are absent as well.
  4. The numbers indicate that Sunday school actually didn't do anything to help them develop a Christian worldview. The brutal conclusion is that, on the whole, the Sunday school programs of today are statistical failures.
  5. Part of the concern is that the mere existence of youth ministry and Sunday school allows parents to shrug off their responsibility as the primary teachers, mentors, and pastors to their families. [Ken Ham & Britt Beemer with Todd Hillard, Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2009), 22, 33, 41]
What this means is that the church is good at teaching Bible stories but not at teaching Biblical principles or applying those principles to all areas of life. How many churches do you know, for instance, that teach the Biblical worldview for law, science, economics, history, family, social issues, religion, and education-the crucial disciplines of all of life and society? At church, does anyone learn about the lies of global warming, radical environmentalism, socialism, evolution, postmodernism, situational ethics, political correctness, or population control?

The Goals of the Worldview Weekend Online Academy

Our resurrected Lord Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20 commands all of His converts to make disciples who will follow Him. Many in the Church think the Great Commission is a call to evangelism, but is it not-it is to make disciples. Evangelism is the first of a four-step process.

First we must evangelize or proclaim the reason for the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and call people to faith and repentance in Him. Jesus Christ tells us in verse 20 that we are to teach converts to observe all things that Christ commanded or taught His disciples.

A Biblical worldview speaks to many issues, including creation, family, civil government, marriage, economics, law, history, education, social issues, doctrine (the will of God for our lives), theology (the character and nature of God), and much more. Yet countless studies reveal that many Christians are still drinking milk instead of eating meat. They still need teachers when they should be teaching others. They don't even know how to defend essential Christian doctrines and cannot readily discern right from wrong. Hebrews 5:12-14 speaks of this and says those who have been Christians for a long time and yet still find themselves unskilled in teaching others need to get their act together and be obedient to what Christians are commanded to do.

Hebrews 5:14 indicates that those who are spiritually mature can discern good from evil, but one of the biggest problems in the Church today is lack of discernment. Ephesians 4:14 warns that spiritually immature believers are like children who lack discernment and will be blown here and there by every wind of doctrine and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. Matthew 7:15 says many will appear to be Christians-some will even be pastors-but they will be wolves in sheep's clothing.

The Church has been greatly weakened and in some cases completely compromised by false teaching and a false gospel. As a result, the Church is more a reflection of the culture rather than a reflection of Jesus Christ.

We are called to be in the world but not of the world, and there is a great need for Christians to mature and carry out the responsibilities of a disciple:
  1. Proclaim truth to the unbeliever-evangelism;
  2. Live the truth-be a disciple and make disciples;
  3. Defend the truth-apologetics;
  4. Instruct in the truth-worldview training.
We have already discussed evangelism and discipleship, but what about apologetics and worldview training? Apologetics is the defense of foundational Christian doctrines such as original sin, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how we know Jesus is God, and how we know the Bible is true. Engaging in apologetics fulfills the Biblical mandate to contend earnestly for the faith (Jude 3), to be ready at any moment to give a reason for the hope we profess (1 Peter 3:15).

Worldview training involves teaching yourself or others specific Biblical principles for how Christians are to live in this world. Second Timothy 3:16 tells us the Bible was written by God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness. Righteousness means "right living" or "how to live right" according to God or in a manner consistent with God's character and nature. The Bible reveals God's character and nature. So, by studying God's Word, we develop a comprehensive, Biblical worldview. Scripture is the lens through which we see the world. Regardless of whether the subject is law, science, economics, history, family, social issues, education, law, doctrine, or theology, we will know how to think and, therefore, how to live.

Once a person surrenders his or her life to the lordship of Christ, we are to teach the essential Christian doctrines and how to defend them. Then we are to teach specific Biblical principles for living the Christian life (worldview training). Once a Christian is mature in faith, we are to encourage the believer to go out and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Worldview Weekend Online Training Institute took many years to develop. Thousands of hours of research, Biblical study, and production have gone into this course. We pray that the Worldview Weekend Online Training Institute will equip the saints for the work of ministry.

Thank you for your interest in the Worldview Weekend Online Academy. If you have any questions after reviewing the information below, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the age recommendation?
A: This course is appropriate for ages 13 to 113

Q: How long is the course?
A: The course is an estimated 85 hours in length.

Q: What if I do not want to become a worldview instructor, but just want to take go through the training for my own personal study?
A: That is fine with us.

Q: What are the technical requirements?
A: If you can successfully stream the demo of the course, then your internet speed is acceptable.

Q: Do I watch a video and fill out a worksheet?
A: In one window you will watch a video and in another window you will answer multiple choice questions while watching the video.

Q: Are the videos professional?
A: The videos are broadcast quality and filmed with multiple cameras.

Q: How long do I have to complete the course?
A: From the time of purchase, you have two years to complete the course online.

Q: Is the course available 24 hours per day?
A: Yes.

Q: If I purchase tuition for more than one person can we take the course at the same time?
A: Each student will have their own account established for them and can take the course while someone else in your group is also taking the course, as long as they are on a different computer.

Q: Will my work be saved if I stop in the middle of a lesson?
A: You must complete each lesson in order to save your work.

Q: Can I take the various classes in any order?
A: The Worldview Weekend Online Academy is taught in a specific order and you must complete the course in the order required. You must complete a lesson before you can move on to the next lesson.

Q: Can I receive continuing education credits for taking the course?
A: The course is approved by the Association of Christian Schools International as qualifying you for four continuing education units. At the completion of the course, if you checked the box to receive CCE credits, we will e-mail you a certificate.

Q: Do you have a family rate?
A: A family of three can take the course for $49.99 each

Q: Do you have a group rates?
A: 2 to 4 students can take the course for $64.99 each
5 to 7 students can take the course for $54.99 each
8 to 10 students can take the course for $44.99 each
11 to and up can take the course for $34.99 each

If you have additional questions please e-mail us at [email protected]

Topics Included In the Worldview Weekend Online Academy Course:

Many Christians lack Biblical knowledge and thus a Biblical worldview. Biblical theology and doctrine is the foundation for a Biblical worldview.

This training course is a must for any Christian student that is in high school or college as it will equip them with the knowledge they need to stand firm in their commitment to Biblical truth. The Worldview Weekend Online Academy begins with the very worldview basics, as we define terms, explain philosophies, break down the various worldviews and reveal how each worldview is applied to all areas of life.

This course is not simply one man's opinion but a course that is steeped in Scripture. How can one have a Biblical worldview unless they use the Bible? The Worldview Weekend Online Academy takes great care to explain and discuss the issues of our day using the Bible as our main textbook and foundation. Only through the study of God's Word can we truly have a Biblical worldview. The Bible helps us understand the times and shows us how God would have us live. 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

  All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Keynote descriptions and to sample video clips of keynote presentations:
  1. Already Gone by Ken Ham
  2. Six Worldviews That Rule The World Six Worldviews That Rule The World by Dr. David Noebel
  3. Feminism is Anti-Christian, Anti-Family, and Anti-Father by Brannon Howse
  4. Questions of Origins-Part 1 by Dr. Ron Carlson
  5. Questions of Origins-Part 2 by Dr. Ron Carlson
  6. Grave Influence: Part One, 21 Radicals and Their Worldviews that Rule America from the Grave by Brannon Howse
  7. Grave Influence: Part Two: The Worldview Revolution That Is Leading To Global Governance by Brannon Howse
  8. Grave Influence: Part Three: An Educational Abduction by Brannon Howse
  9. The Biblical Answer to Racism by Ken Ham
  10. Apologetics in the 21st Century by Dr. Ravi Zacharias
  11. Ask Randy Alcorn: Brannon Howse Interviews Randy Alcorn
  12. The Case For The Resurrection by Dr. John Ankerberg
  13. When Skeptics Ask by Dr. Norman Geisler
  14. When Critics Ask by Dr. Norman Geisler
  15. Heaven: Where God Will Bring Good Out Of Bad by Randy Alcorn
  16. Countering the Lies About Jesus Christ and God by Dr. Erwin Lutzer
  17. Jesus versus Mohammed by Dr. Erwin Lutzer
  18. When A Nation Forgets God: Seven Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi German by Dr. Erwin Lutzer
  19. Balancing Biblical Christian Activism in Light of the Great Commission, and the Dangers of Moralizing by Brannon Howse
  20. Crisis in the Church: Confronting the Spiritual Confusion by Dr. Ron Carlson
  21. True and False Conversions: Why Students Are Denying the Faith and Churched Adults Think and Act Like the World by Brannon Howse
  22. Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture by Ken Ham
  23. How to Bring A Children to Christ and Keep them There by Ray Comfort
  24. Soundly Saved by Kirk Cameron
  25. Brannon Howse and Justin Peters on the Word of Faith Heresy (Part 1-3)
  26. Why Biblical Doctrine is Essential For Having A Biblical Worldview and Living The Christian Life by Brannon Howse
  27. Standing Firm in the Last Days by Kay Arthur
  28. Proclaiming Truth in a Postmodern World by Dr. David Limbaugh
  29. Archaeological Evidence that Confirms the Bible by Dr. Bob Cornuke
  30. Luke Warm No More! by Mark Cahill
  31. My Journey In and Out of the Emerging Church by Jason Carlson
  32. Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged by Josh McDowell
  33. Truth or Tragedy? by Sean McDowell
  34. What Is In And What Is Out On America's High School And College Campus by Dr. David Noebel
  35. When A Nation Does Not Listen To God by Kay Arthur
  36. Revealing The Truth About The Qur'an by Usama Dakdok
  37. Returning To the Word of God by Dr. Michael Youssef
  38. The 10 Most Asked Questions about Creation and Evolution by Ken Ham
  39. Why I Choose to Believe the Bible by Dr. Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
  40. The Dangers Of Open Theism by Dr. Norman Geisler
  41. Why Mormonism Is Contrary To Biblical Christianity by Dr. Ron Carlson
  42. World Religions: What Makes Jesus Unique? by Dr. Ron Carlson
  43. Why Being Good is Not Good Enough by Candace Cameron Bure
  44. A Vision of Biblical Womanhood by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
  45. From Terrors to Triumph by Dr. Marshall Foster
  46. Calling A Nation Back to The Bible by Dr. Woodrow Kroll
  47. How Biblical is your Biblical Worldview by Dr. Woodrow Kroll
  48. Preparing For Your Flight Out of This World by Russel O' Quinn
  49. Continuing My Family's Spiritual Legacy by Steve Saint
  50. Psalm 2: The King Is Coming by Dr. David Reagan
  51. The Impact of Your Worldview by Star Parker
  52. The Coming Persecution Of Christians In The West by John Loeffler
  53. Understanding the Hard Sayings of Jesus by Dr. Michael Youssef
  54. Components Of The Religious Trojan Horse, Introduction Part A & B by Brannon Howse
  55. Everyone has a Worldview by Brannon Howse
  56. Evolution: They Can Not Allow A Divine Foot In The Door by Brannon Howse
  57. 50 Reasons Why We Are Living In The End Times by Dr. David Reagan
  58. How to Train the Heart and Mind of a Child to Follow Christ and The Goals of a Biblically Based Youth Group by Brannon Howse
  59. Last Days Deception or Biblical Truth: Part 1 and 2 by Brannon Howse
  60. Put Your Beliefs To The Test According to the Word of God by Brannon Howse
  61. Religious Trojan Horse, #1, Religion Will Be The Foundation For The New World Order by Brannon Howse
  62. Religious Trojan Horse, #2, The Unbiblical Transformation Of The Church Through The Communitarian Church Growth Movement by Brannon Howse
  63. Religious Trojan Horse, #3, The Dangers of Dominion Theology And The New Apostolic Reformation by Brannon Howse
  64. Religious Trojan Horse, #4, The Dangers Of The New Apostolic Reformation: Why The Office Of Apostle And Prophet Has Ceased by Brannon Howse
  65. Religious Trojan Horse, #5 & 6: A Women Rides The Beast (The Coming One-World Religion) by Brannon Howse
  66. The Bank For International Settlements, Global Governance, And A One-World Economy by Brannon Howse
  67. The Incredible Faith of Atheism by Brannon Howse
  68. Understanding the Perilous Times and Biblical Response-Part 1 and 2 by Brannon Howse
  69. United Nations Curriculum In The School's of the World by Brannon Howse
  70. Brannon Howse interviews Justin Peters on Why Stories of Trips to Heaven do Not Line up With the Bible
  71. The Politically Incorrect Truth About Islam by Kerby Anderson
  72. Sin Will Take You Farther Than You Wanted to Go by Kay Arthur
  73. Killed For Christ: How Christian Martyrs Have Changed The Course of History by Dr. Marshall Foster
  74. The Impact of Your Worldview by Star Parker
  75. The Battle Over The Bible
  76. The Jesuits, The Church of Rome, and the Ongoing Counter Reformation. Brannon Howse interviews historian and documentary producer Chris Pinto
  77. The Hidden Faith of Some of America's Founding Fathers and The Dangers of Patriotic Ecumenicalism by Brannon Howse and Chris Pinto:
  78. Freemasonry and the Architecture in Washington D.C. by Brannon Howse and Chris Pinto:
  79. Oprah's New Spirituality, The Emergent Church and The Seduction of Christianity Part One by Brannon Howse
  80. You Can Still Trust the Communists to be Communists by Dr. David Noebel
  81. Four Stages For Transforming a Nation Into Socialism by Brannon Howse
  82. Why The Rise of Pagan Spirituality in The Church, Culture, and Military and How Should You Respond? by Brannon Howse
  83. Global Governance: The Bible Predicted It and the News Is Reporting It by Brannon Howse
  84. Freemasonry, Masonic Lodge and the Shriners: Are They Compatible with Biblical Christianity? by Dr. Ron Carlson
  85. Three Worldview Trends: Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, Pagan Spirituality, and One World Spirituality by Brannon Howse